You Already Know how to be great

You Already Know How to be Great

Your organization is not performing as well as you would like.

  • Your goals you set at the top are not is not getting down the line and your employees are not fully engaged
  • You spend most of your days dealing with external problems instead of internal opportunities.
  • You keep asking yourself “what can I do to raise performance?”…”how can I get everyone fully engaged and on the same page?”
  • Is there something blocking performance?
  • Do the employees not know how to perform at a high level?

The biggest obstacle to performance is not “knowing what to do”…it is “not doing what we know”.  

“Dramatic performance improvement does not come from gaining new knowledge.  It comes from getting rid of the interference that gets in the way of using the knowledge and capacity we already have.”  Alan Fine

Knowledge is being blocked by “interference”.  To remove the interference, we must have tools.

What are the leadership “tools” needed to improve performance?  How can we as leaders eliminate the interference that’s getting in the way of experimenting with and using the knowledge we and our employees already have?


  • Everyone has the potential to perform better
  • Potential is Blocked by Interference
  • Interference can be reduced by Focused Attention
  • Focused Attention can be simply and systematically increased


  • Faith >> Attention >> Our beliefs about ourself and about others
  • Fire >> Energy, passion, motivation and commitment
  • Focus >> What we pay attention to and how we pay attention

Engaged Employee Profile

  • Utilize their talents on the job every day
  • Show consistent levels of high performance
  • Exhibit natural innovation and drive for effeciency
  • Intentionally build supportive relationships
  • Are clear about the desired outcomes of their role
  • Emotionally committed to what they do
  • Challenge purpose to achieve goals
  • Display high engergy and enthusiasm
  • Never run out of things to do but create positive things to act on
  • Broaden what they do and build on it
  • Show commitment to company work groups and role

When Interference is Removed…Employees

  1. Guinely believe in the viability, competency and purpose of the organization
  2. Are enthused about and engaged about their work
  3. Know what to pay attention to and are focused on the key objectives that would make the organization successful
  4. Are fully able to execute on the knowledge they already have

G.R.O.W…Process or map of human decision making that increases decision velocity (the speed and accuracy in which we make decisions) create focus, reduce interference, and improve performance leading to breakthrough results.


  • Goals – what we want to do
  • Reality – the circumstances we are dealing with or how we perceive them
  • Options – how we might move from our reality to our goal
  • Way Forward – action we want to take


Breakthrough Conversations

If the Employee is unwilling or unaware of a performance issue…the Leader is no longer dealing with a “performer conversation”, they are dealing with a Coach Driven conversation.  You cannot push GROW onto the employee, you own the agenda must find a way to take the employee [you what then to go] to where he or she is willing to engage in a performer driven conversation…much like a Flight Attendant tells you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others put on theirs.

Faith>Fire>Focus >> Individuals

  • Do you believe you can become ________
  • Do you believe you can develop the the abilities to become ______
  • We must change our beliefs in order to change our ability to perform

Faith>Fire>Focus Organizations


  • Faith


      • Organizations with “Faith” have belief in one’s ability to adapt…a clear and compelling sense of mission and purpose that is effectively communicated to and passionately believed in by employees on every level within the organization.  Employees have a strong “we can belief’ and a firm conviction in the organizations resilience, and ability to effectively learn and adapt in a changing environment.
      • Organizations without “Faith” is filled with fear, doubt or lack of clarity concerning its value proposition as well as value of the organizations purpose and/or its viability in changing circumstances.


  • Fire


      • Organizations with “Fire” have passion, energy and commitment…a positive energy directed toward accomplishment of the purpose of the organization.
      • An organization without “Fire” is filled with apathy, lack of interest and resigned compliance rather than enthused commitment.  What energy exists is often turned into negative fire which is manifest in politicking, back-biting and criticizing.


  • Focus


    • Organizations with “Focus” have attention and concentration…clearly articulated key priortities that lead to the accomplishment of the organizations purpose and those priorities are given robust attention on every level.
    • Organizations without “Focus” is filled with distraction, miscommunication, redundant effort, wasted resourses and poor execution.

Executive Coaching

Resist the urge to tell your client “what” to do.  Ask…

  • What is going to happen if you do not take action?
  • What is the consequence?  Is that okay with you?
  • If they say “no” then say “well then, let’s look at our options”.
  • Empathic Listening
    • What are our goals?
    • What are the realities?
    • Are things really hopeless?
    • Are there options?
    • Let’s explore steps to take.

“I am convinced that the potential for greatness lies within each of us.

Our greatest joy in life comes as we discover and then fulfill that potential.

Alan Fine

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