Outwitting the Competition

Too often business owners wait to address issues until they become a crisis…”it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

To survive and thrive in a volatile and ever-changing environment, business leaders must proactively innovate ahead of the competition…do not wait until there is a crisis.

Outwitting the Competition

Red Ocean…Where we Are >> Fierce Competition…Battling over Price, Quality, Service
Blue Ocean…Where we Want to Be >> Uncontested Market Space…Where the Competition is Irrelevant and the Strong Survive

How we will Get There

  1. Intentionality of Purpose
    a. Integrity – Trust – Respect
    b. Vision
    c. Proactive
    d. Innovation
    e. High Performance and Sustainability
    f. Pivot…Leverage Combined Buying Power
  2. Master Relationships
    a. Employees
    b. Customers
    c. Vendors
    d. Community at Large
  3. Be a Community
    a. Peer Group
    b. Valued Partners
  4. Learn from Adversity…Resilience as a Leadership Tool
  5. Harmony…Act with Intentionality of Purpose
  6. Time…Anchor New Approaches into the Culture
  7.  Plan then Act