Escape Velocity

Building an Enduring Organization

As a Business Owner have you reached the point where you are doing those things that you do best and you are delegating the rest to a competent team of leaders and managers?

  • Do you know the fair market value of your business?
  • Have you built an enduring culture?
  • Do you have strategies in place to build enduring value in your business?
  • Have you locked in relationships that contribute to the growing, predictable and consistent earnings?
  • Have you developed a family council, charter and a board of advisors/directors?
  • Have you developed your leaderships skills?
  • Are you developing your next generation leaders?
  • Have you identified a successor?
  • Have you built a team of advisers?
  • Have you developed a personal needs analysis?
  • Have you developed clearly defined “owner’s objectives”?
  • Have you developed contingency plans?
  • Have you developed strategies for a sale, internally or externally?
  • Have you crafted a buy-sell agreement between/among all shareholders?
  • Have you developed funding alternatives?
  • Have you developed an estate plan and a wealth preservation plan?

Launch Platform

  • Individual wellbeing
  • Organizational wellbeing
  • Enduring visionary leadership
  • Culture of high performance
  • Organizational resilience
  • Continuous learning


  • Process, structure, people goals, performance and reward
  • Aligned, linked and harmonized
  • Consistent, predictable, growing and profitable earnings


  • Strategy
  • Execution


  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Functionality